What is the music on Lucid Dreaming all about? 

The music on this project is not about lucid dreaming in the usual context.  In a lucid dream, the dreamer “wakes up within the dream” and realizes that they are dreaming.  Some people learn and cultivate this practice so that they can learn to manipulate “reality” in their dream state, actively learning a skill making themselves become self-aware while they are dreaming.  Countless seminars, conferences as well as scads of music are for the many people who may pursue this as a path of life. 

I’m speaking about something else. 

Lucid Dreaming is about realizing that this life is but a dream compared to the "waking life" (real life) we will experience after we die. (Psalm 17:15) Once we realize this, this waking life really can be lived as a lucid dream, for we realize who we are in Christ and "remember" who we are in Christ.  We realize that we are truly alive and therefore we are "awake" regarding the dream which is our life.  It means that after we die, we will "awake" to true reality and see this life as a dream.  There is a lot of good theology in the nursery rhyme "row row row your boat”! 

What the music is is tonal non-propositional musical meditations on certain Scriptures.  Radiating in the Word of God, the music is designed to illicit an emotional and inspirational awareness of the topic as stated in the title of the song.  The title, along with its corresponding scripture, is extremely important to the nature of the piece.

As believers, we live in two places at once. (Ephesians 2:6).  Both here on earth (our consciousness) and in the heavenlies (the unseen realm of which we are already there but do not realize it).  It is this “zone” the music attempts to track to, in order to lift the listener from ordinary perception to extraordinary perception as it relates to personal devotion and intercessory prayer.  Lucid Dreaming is prayer music.